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Google Shopping Management

We do manage end to end Google shopping feeds.

Here is our Google shopping plan for eCommerce based websites.

  • £100 + VAT Onetime cost to prepare products for Google Shopping
  • £150 + VAT Onetime cost of Google shopping data feed extension
  • £20 + VAT per/month for google shopping management.
  • There will be a monthly commission on gross sale into two ratios (3% from up to 5k and 2% above 5K).

Our feed management:

  • Data Quality – ongoing resolution of issues to ensure 100% of the inventory is available in Google Shopping
  • Feed Optimisation – manipulation of the feed at the individual product level, A/B testing around product titles to uplift traffic/clicks/conversions
  • Bid Analysis/Manipulation – the key to controlling the cost of sale at product level in Google Shopping
  1. What is Google Shopping?
  2. How does it work?
  3. Do I need Google shopping?