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Billing and Refund Policy

Clients are expected to keep their accounts up to date at all times. New accounts must pay for their term of service before service is activated on their account. This policy includes both orders submitted via our on-line order form or non-credit card payment orders, submitted through postal mail. Receipts are generated on all new accounts the same day the order is setup and included in the setup e-mail.
eShop Designers Billing Procedures : For Credit Card
Your credit card will be charged the day your account is setup. Accounts with credit card payment terms are charged in the 1st week of the month the renewal date is in. For example, an account with a 3 month term that was signed up on 16th March would be charged again in the 1st week of June. The renewal fees continue until the client notifies us that he/she wished to discontinue their service.In the event that an account up for renewal is declined, the account holder will be notified via e-mail. The client will have at least 1 week to reply before service is discontinued.
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eShop Designers Billing Procedures : For Cheque’s, Bank Drafts, money orders and other forms of payments.
Cheque, bank drafts, money order or cash accounts must have payment to eShop Designers 7 days before their recurring billing date. In the event that payment is not received one week before their renewal date, service will be discontinued.
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eShop Designers Receipts
All new accounts are e-mailed a receipt immediately after the account is setup. If you wish to have a receipt mailed to you via postal mail, you will need to contact our billing department to request this.
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eShop Designers Cancellations requests MUST be sent at least 7 days before account renewal date.
Cancellations requests MUST be sent at least 7 days before account renewal date.
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eShop Designers Refunds
As a client, you commit to the length of your service cycle. Because of your commitment, we offer a discount on the service. Because of this, no refunds are granted for pro-rated service on service cycles, regardless of length. As a client, you commit to your service cycle with payment up front. eShop Designers commits to providing the offered services backed up by our service guarantees. While we do not offer refunds for pro-rated service beyond the first 7 days of use, you have no obligation to continue using our service even though you have already paid for the service.

– Design projects are entitle to refund only first 7 days from the day of booking service and 30% admin charges will be deducted to made any refund.
– Refunds are not available on domain registration and hosting services.
– Refunds are ONLY offered via cross cheques.

If you have any questions in this regard, [email protected]

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Kindly check our all other polices given under “policies” menu or “our policies” left panel of this page.