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OsCommerce is one of the most popular and powerful e-commerce applications you can use to setup an online store. It is an Open Source based solution and has plenty of exciting features which allows you to easily build and maintain your online shop with almost no efforts. Our team of expertise can provide a simple time saving complete solution that can smoothly incorporate all the ecommerce solution as well as the marketing tool fused to a single easy to use overall solution. We can offer total osCommerce shopping cart solutions starting from website designing to installing shopping cart, inserting product range as well as train our clients to administer the cart themselves. We have since been providing powerful management features in an overall aspect of advance tax and custom shipping calculation features.
OsCommerce Online Merchant is a complete online store solution that contains both a catalog frontend and an administration tool backend which can be easily handle.
OsCommerce Online Merchant is considered to be stable with the following features;
1. Administration / Backend Functionality
eShop DesignersSupports unlimited products and categories
> Products-to-categories structure
> Categories-to-categories structure
eShop DesignersAdd/Edit/Remove categories, products, manufacturers, customers, and reviews
eShop DesignersSupport for physical (shippable) and virtual (downloadable) products
eShop DesignersAdministration area secured with a username and password defined during installation
eShop DesignersContact customers directly via email or newsletters
eShop DesignersEasily backup and restore the database
eShop DesignersPrint invoices and packaging lists from the order screen
eShop DesignersStatistics for products and customers
eShop DesignersMultilingual support
eShop DesignersMulti currency support
 Automatically update currency exchange rates
eShop DesignersSelect what to display, and in what order, in the product listing page
eShop DesignersSupport for static and dynamic banners with full statistics
2. Customer / Frontend Functionality:
eShop DesignersCustomers can view their order history and order statuses
eShop DesignersCustomers can maintain their accounts
> Address book for multiple shipping and billing addresses
eShop DesignersTemporary shopping cart for guests and permanent shopping cart for customers
eShop DesignersFast and friendly quick search and advanced search features
eShop DesignersProduct reviews for an interactive shopping experience
eShop DesignersFor seen checkout procedure
eShop DesignersSecure transactions with SSL
eShop DesignersNumber of products in each category can be shown or hidden
eShop DesignersGlobal and per-category bestseller lists
3. Product Functionality:
eShop DesignersDynamic product attributes relationship
eShop DesignersHTML based product descriptions
eShop DesignersAutomated display of specials
eShop DesignersControl if out of stock products can still be shown and are available for purchase
eShop DesignersCustomers can subscribe to products to receive related emails/newsletters
4. Payment Functionality:
eShop DesignersAccept numerous offline payment processing (Cheque, money orders, offline credit cards processing…)
eShop DesignersAccept numerous online payment processing (PayPal, Google Checkout…)
eShop DesignersDisable certain payment services based on a zone basis.
5. Shipping Functionality:
eShop DesignersWeight, price, and destination based shipping modules.
eShop DesignersReal-time quotes available (UPS, USPS, FedEx…).
eShop DesignersFree shipping based on amount and destination.
eShop DesignersDisable certain shipping services based on a zone basis.
6. Tax Functionality:
eShop DesignersFlexible tax implementation on a state and country basis
eShop DesignersSet different tax rates for different products
eShop DesignersCharge tax on shipping on a per shipping service basis
Our expertise and experience in customization, development and extending osCommerce, will surely help you to create complete web store with usability and functionality. Get everything you need to get started selling over the internet right now at eShop Designers.