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eShop Billing + CRM Software

For the better control of invoicing and Leads management for your business.
Our eShop Billing + CRM (Customer Relationship Management) are the best tools available to manage your all day to day invoices, expenses, customer details management.

eShop Billing & CRM software are available to all of our existing and new customers at a very nominal price £1+VAT per/month.

It is the most updated software available for all of your day to day work. Here are few features we are highlighting to give you an overview.

eShop DesignersDashboard Analytics- View and manage received amount, Due invoices, Draft amount, Cancelled amount, Overview of orders and revenues, Activity log, Daily tasks
eShop DesignersCalendar- View and manage invoices due, Tasks, Bugs, Meeting, Calls
eShop DesignersCustomers and Clients- View and manage customers,  All quotations, All invoices, Payments, Credits, Expenses, Customer groups. You can also add contacts, view client activity and overview your clients account.
eShop DesignersLeads- View and manage leads, Leads settings, Contacts, Calls, Meetings, Opportunities. You can also add, edit and delete all, export and import, create calls, meetings and add comments.
eShop DesignersPMS- View and manage all your projects, Discussions, Tasks, Bugs, Milestones, Activities.
eShop DesignersBugs- View and manage all bugs, Bugs settings. These can also be viewed by filter.
eShop DesignersUsers/Groups- View and manage all user groups, User settings (brands, designations, permissions), Group permissions. You can also view staff accounts.
eShop DesignersConfiguration- View and manage company settings, Import and export data, general setting.
eShop DesignersTrash bin- Manage all deleted items, view, restore and permanently delete.
eShop DesignersActivities- manage all online users, view and clear activities.
eShop DesignersCreate multiple company accounts.
eShop DesignersPhone Support
eShop DesignersCustomize invoice, quotes and reminder emails settings.
eShop DesignersView/Add/Edit/Delete under all sections

eShop DesignersA FREE plan is available to our all existing customers and new if they buy any paid service from us.

  • £ 0 /mo mini 12 month
  • Basic FREE Plan
    • 1 company with 1GB space to store docs + data etc.
    • View/Add/Edit/Del – 
    • Dashboard – 
    • Calendar – 
    • Client Accounts – 
    • Bugs – 
    • Users/Groups – 
    • Configurations – 
    • Create invoices –
    • Create quotations –
    • Add payments –
    • Add credits –
    • Add refunds –
    • Trash bin – 
    • Activities-  
    • To do list / Tasks-  
    • E-Mail Support – 
    • Own Brand URL – eShop Designers
    • Multi Companies – eShop Designers 
    • Leads – eShop Designers
    • Meetings-  eShop Designers
    • Call Management –  eShop Designers
    • Email Reminders – eShop Designers 
    • PMS – eShop Designers 
    • Phone Support – eShop Designers

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  • £ 3 /mo mini 12 month
  • Pro Plan
    • 2 company with 3GB space to store docs + data etc.
    • eShop Designers
    • eShop Designers

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  • £ 5 /mo mini 12 month
  • Business Plan
    • 5 company with 5GB space to store docs + data etc.

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  • £ 25 /mo mini 12 month
  • Custom Plan
    • 10 or more companies with 10GB space to store docs + data etc.

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NOTE: All prices exclude VAT.

eShop Designers  Feature not included or not available under this package.

 Feature included or available under this package.