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Website Design and Development

Get easily noticed with our attractively designed website that reflects a strategic blend of creative designing and graphic art, planning and management of content, the right technologStore designy deployment along with robust server to host the website, thus making it unique.
We build smart, intuitive websites that demand attention. A website is most successful when it is integrated with the working practices of an organization. A dynamic solution enables y
ou to update the content yourself, without the need to involve the web designer / developer again. The solution we offer is based on a highly flexible and resilient content management system. The modular structure of the solution enables you to start by implementing the core functionality you require for the average website.
What is CMS?
A content management service (CMS) is a program that is used to manage the content of a dynamic web site which includes creating, publishing, organizing, storing, and maintaining the site.Web Content Management System (CMS) enables you to update your web presence in the most user-friendly manner by developing and integrating top-of-the-line Content Management Systems that precisely do this. No expertise is needed in HTML or CSS expert to use the Content Management Systems we develop for you with which you will be able to Add, Delete or Modify contents on your website.The core application of the CMS is to manage content during its entire lifecycle, that is, from creation through publishing the content. A typical CMS separates page design from content, thus facilitates content maintenance and design changes on regular basis. Our CMS allows the content manager to keep the site up to date and give assistance to those who do not have enough technical knowledge about web technologies.

We eShop Designers will provide you 2 below modules for your CMS/Dynamic website design;
Admin Module / Website Backend:
eShop DesignersAdminister site yourself using our easy to use web admin control panel with secure user name and password
eShop DesignersAdd menu items dynamically and link page from the web admin panel
eShop DesignersSite administrator have full control over all content pages of the website
eShop DesignersCan add/edit/remove/move unlimited products or content in pages
eShop DesignersEasily upload and configure images and other documents in the web site
eShop DesignersNewsletter tool to send messages/site update to registered subscribers
eShop DesignersView/Print/Manage product inquires placed by customers
User Module / Front End:
eShop DesignersA beautifull user interface to view/study information of products/services
eShop DesignersUser can place inquiry of multiple products by using very easy 2 steps (just like a simple shopping cart)
eShop DesignersComprehensive search feature within the website
eShop DesignersA dynamic e-mail of inquiry will be set to website admin and form submitter as well
eShop DesignersUsers can sign up to the website mailing list, allowing site administrators to send out email messages to all registered users, or specific targetted groups of users on the list. The mailing list is autonomous, allowing users to unsubscribe at any time, and removing out-of-date addresses from the list.

Build your website with our professional and experienced team of web developers. All websites built by eShop Designersare reliable, secure and easy to update. We believe in providing bespoke e-solutions that are tailored to your specific business needs.

Get scalable, reliable and highly efficient e-solutions at eShop Designers.