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Frequently asked questions (FAQ), we are ready if you have more questions.

What is the difference between a custom eBay store design and a eBay listing template design?

A custom store design is what people see when they click your red door/store front; a store design consists of a global header that displays on all pages of your store, as well as a global custom left navigation that displays while on all pages of your store. A custom listing template is what people see when they are viewing the product you are selling. This is the page where your customers see your item for sale, with the “Place Bid” or “Buy it Now” buttons. This part is in fact eBay’s “Item Description” part, allowing HTML descriptions which can be very sophisticated and much more than plain text and images

What are headers, store fronts and templates etc...?

The Store Header: it’s the part that contains your logo, your store description and your feedback rating line. It is fully customizable with text, graphics and links. We usually use this part to install a bigger logo allowed by eBay and introduce your business with a small tagline. It can even be hidden if left blank.

The Left Navigation Bar:
this is the column on the left that contains the names of your categories. Custom design in this area allows us to install with sophisticated searches, collapsible categories, etc… if needed .

The Store front is the area located on the right side of the Left Navigation Bar. By default, eBay displays a page of 30 items (either single lines or 2 columns of items). This part can be customized to look like a regular web site page, with images, text and links. You may have several of these pages (they are called custom pages) and create a mini website with several pages with full navigation. The number of custom pages available for your store design depends on your eBay subscription level:

Basic Stores may have 5 custom pages
• Featured Stores may have 10 custom pages
• Anchored Stores may have 15 custom pages

The Listing template: this is the page where your customers see your item for sale, with the “Place Bid” or “Buy it Now” buttons. This part is in fact eBay’s “Item Description” part, allowing HTML descriptions which can be very sophisticated and much more than plain text and one image. Most stores just need one listing template, common to every item. Some stores might need more than one template if they sell items requiring a different layout to be presented the best way (if you sell baby clothes AND electronics for example you might want different colors and design for these two types of products). A left navigation bar an be installed in your auction template as well, allowing visitors from your auction pages to reach your entire store inventory in one click.

How long will it take for you to create my website?

It usually depends upon how large and complex the solution is. Incase you have a deadline; eShop Designers is a venture to meet it. Please feel free to Contact Us to discuss your website development requirements.

Can I integrate my existing website design into the eCommerce website platform?

Yes, our professional designers can take your existing website design and reproduce it on your new store. We can also integrate your existing website’s content with your fully customizes website/store.

Will my site be secure for shoppers?

Yes, your site will be completely safe and secure for online shopping. Sensitive information like Credit Card numbers will be securely transmitted by SSL encryption and display the little lock in your browser that indicate that information cannot be read by a third party during data submission when people place an order. Sensitive data will also be securely stored and will be accessed by passwords.

Is it a pre made design?

No, each client receives a custom made eBay template design producing a unique look and feel for your brand and product line. Our work carries a full proofing process so the designs are always approved prior to installation.

Can I update the shop myself?

Yes, because our stores are entirely dynamic you can add new categories and sections and they will automatically be added to your custom design. Our shops work with the eBay interface which means you can change your categories, add promotion boxes, create custom pages etc and the shop will automatically update without losing its styling.

How can I get high placements in the various search engines?

To make your store popular and successful, it is imperative that you market your storefront or listings effectively. You need to apply a variety of techniques like search engine optimization, Internet marketing, offline promotion and so on.

When and how do I order?

You can use “I’m interested” or “Free Quote” forms to place an order. You need to fill up some basic information about yourself and your eBay store into that Free Quote form. We will review that information and contact you within 24 hours. No payment is necessary for the initial evaluation so go ahead, drop us a line.

How do I send payments?

We accept payments by PayPal, Credit Card or Bank Wire Transfers.